The 2011/2012 Winter Season is upon us, and The Source is giving away a FREE SNOWBOARD EVERY WEEK from now until Christmas.  This is the LARGEST CONTEST GIVEAWAY we have ever done.  Here’s how to enter:

1. Join The Source Facebook Group here
2. Every Friday, an image will be posted on The Source Facebook page for this contest
3. Comment on the image telling us why you deserve to win the snowboard.
4. Change your Facebook Status and encourage your friends to Like your comment.  You will need to cut and paste the URL of The Source Facebook Group to your status like this
The Source Facebook Group URL is

5. At 4pm Mountain Time every Friday, the person with the most Likes for their Comment will WIN a FREE SNOWBOARD courtesy of the profiled brand and The Source.
6. Winning a FREE SNOWBOARD does not get any easier than this.

1. One prize per person.
2. Source Employees are not eligible for this contest, but their friends sure are!
3. Any obscene or inappropriate comments on The Source Facebook Group will be deleted and the person will be removed from the group.  This includes bashing other people’s comments, The Source or any of the profiled brands.  Play nicely or get the boot!

This Contest has been brought to you by Burton, LibTech, Capita, Endeavor, DC, Volcom, Forum, Ride, Rome SDS and your friends at The Source.


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