Founded and based in Montreal in 1998 Uranium
is a beautiful assortment of clothing and accessories
entirely made in Canada! The talented team of ladies
have created this line that is inspired by values that
hold importance in society and have a special place
in all of our hearts. Beauty, Strength, Love, and
Creativity. Each of the values separates the collection
each season into four gorgeous lines that each speak
to a different part of us. The pieces above and more
of the Uranium Collections are all available at our
online store or at select locations.
The Beauty Collection-
Pieces in this line represent
the more fashionable side in everyone. Each season
the ladies come out with something new that is always
on trend and can match back to any outfit of the times.

The Strength Collection-
This collection is for the more out there girl who isn’t
afraid to make a statement. Everything is a little edgier
while staying on point of trends. You will notice a lot
of spikes in the jewelry while the apparel is always
out there too. For example my favorite piece in the
Intro collection of apparel has a black tank top with
a chicken wing printed pocket!

The Love Collection-
Love represents the girly girl in all of us. Here you
will see more pastel colours and feathers throughout
the line and the apparel kits back to it perfectly.
There are always some beautiful scarves in this
collection as well as some tops that work with even
the most pretty in pink moments. (see below)



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