Tuesday, May 8th 2007

“Crack the sun screen! First rain free day of the trip. Hype, hype. The sun provided the motivation for our earliest roll out yet, noon. Skating by 11:00 is the precall for tomorrow. 5 spots today, starting with a productive wallride sesh. We got the boot from our “training wheels/confidence boster” seven stair rail, but not before confidence was amply boosted. Check out the pics and enjoy the J-Bear FGP (frontal ground props). Skating banks at a place that gives out food stamps makes for interesting sesh. Violent threats as well as firetruck and ambulance cameos…heat. Time for a team moral boost via Qwalmart B.B. gun shopping and 4lbs burritos. A few B.B. wounds later we were ready for an epic (for lack of a less played word, because Dev banned the word “core”) Denver ditch sesh. Kurbz and Giffs got down on a steep bank, and let me tell you, if I had packed my protractor… Need we mention Sean also got zaney? One last spot at the Harley dealership. Brick hips and a tabletop, prime. Tired, sunburnt and tigerbalmed, maybe my nightly Tylenol program is giving me this bleeding nose. I’m out before I bleed all over Duckhunt Daver’s lap-T.”



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