Don’t be held back by the narrow expectations of snowboard critics or fashionistas. Find your own style, and let it set you free. Get with your friends, pitch in some gas money, and drive to the spot.  Find as much snow as you can, strap in, and do whatever you want. You’ll need warm, waterproof clothes.  Airblaster makes those. They dream them up the way they should be designed… By people who ragdoll through snow in the name of fun, progression, and freedom. And they don’t think that waterproof stuff should look  lame. As long as Airblaster is designing this stuff, they want it to look good and make you look good.

Brand New 2013 Airblaster Outerwear, Ninja Suits, Goggles, Streetwear and Accessories available now at all Source Locations and Online at

Stay Wild!


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