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December 16th, 2005
Jeff Kent in worked
online magazine’s latest issue.

Check out his nollie hardflip under
the Crowchild bridge in NW Calgary.

Nice work Jeff.

December 15th, 2005

New Concrete Powder is in stores!

Sean and Kyle both have photos
by photographer Ian Snow.

Check ’em out dawgs!!!

December 14th, 2005

Coming soon, our team series skate decks
designed by Color Magazine.

You don’t want to miss this!!!

November 15, 2005


Hey everyone, we’ve got some
new Concrete Powder magazines
in stock. They’re FREE baby!

Devin Morrison has a hot shot in
the photo section. Nice work by
Devin and Ian Snow on the lense

Sean MacAlister has a hot Young
Blood with a switch wallie. Good
work Sean, although he didn’t have
his shop sponsor changed….WTF?

Jeff Kent’s ankle is all better, and he’s
been ripping it up at the park. This is
the true training grounds you know!

And that’s all for now folks.

4 Down video premiere is
fast approaching on Saturday
Nov. 26, 2005 aT 10PM at
Tequila NightClub. It’s $5 so
get down there with your wallet.

You do not wanna miss this
my friends.


October 26th, 2005


November 18th and 19th The Source
Skateboard Park and
Pulse Interactive Entertainment Group
will host an X-Box exclusive party.
You will be able to preview and
play the new Tony Hawk American
Wasteland game for X-Box,
and enjoy some skateboarding as well.
Check out the THAW OUT
info on the Pulse Interactive
Entertainment website for more details.
It will be a whole lot of fun, so come
down and get wicked.

October 18th, 2005

Hello everyone. I apologize for the tardiness
on my part. Updates have been going poorly.

Here’s the word on the street:Devin Morrison has a hot new photo in the
most recent Color magazine. It’s a full pager
of a tight var-flip. Page 112. Check out the detail in
this photo. Quality craftmanship by Dave Christian.Lyle has some updated footage we’ve popped on
to the website, along with a new photo shot by
Calgary’s own Mike Vanderbrooke. Thanks Mike!

And that’s it for now. Devin’s down here skating by himself today. He’s
feeling lonely, so come join him for a session.Later.

October 11. 2005

Jeff Kent was out shooting some photos this weekend for Worked Online Magazine
Jeff threw down and put together at least one sequence and a still shot. Lyle Brown came along as well, but his injured ankle proved to be too much, and he was side-lined for the session. Get better soon Lyle.

In other Jeff Kent news, Jeff has been busy filming for the video “One Foot Forward” which is set to premiere October 19th at The Ship and Anchor. After that, Jeff will go on a 3-stop promotional tour for the video. Watch out for his part in this flick, because it’s going to be hot, hot, hot!

The San Francisco travellers are back from their mission. Many updates and random news clips will be soon to follow, so keep checking this site.

It’s good to hear everyone had a good time in California, and that no one came home with any major injuries or horror stories.


October 5th, 2005 UPDATE FROM SF

Captains log. Wed oct 5th 16:52. Keeg’s getting razzed about his wall rides.
Every time we go to a spot keeg goes and does wall rides across the street on
some ones house. He chips or marks up the wall and gets everyone in trouble.
The cops come and boot us. Not because we’re marking up rails or ledges on
their property but because keegs messing up someones house across the road.
Syncronized deuce crunching also going down. We’re staying in this ghetto fab hotel in Berkley. Sean Mac is constantly passing gas in the van.

Luke Callahan

October 5, 2005

Hello Everybody!

The west coast is treating the boys well.
It’s hot as hell and there’s not a cloud in
the sky.
Keegan has been breaking a serious
amount of boards, including one of
the filmers boards, but all for the

Latest update is good, and everyone
is in high spirits, with no major injuries
so far.

Lyle Brown has been killing it in
town here, while the rest of his team
mates are soaking up the California sun.
Watch out for LB at your local spot,
killing it no doubt, with a handful of
switch tricks, and nollie tricks, that would
make P-Rod proud.

Jonny Baylis is the latest team member
to have his face on our gift certificates.
Next time you get a skatepark pass, check
it out for yourself, and admire Jonny’s tre
flip steez.

More to follow on San Francisco and

September 28, 2005

San Francisco Nights!

Two more days before the boys head
out. Put in your requests now for
Giants throwbacks and 49ers toques.
The boys will be dropping it
like it’s hot while they’re in SF.
News will be posted frequently so
we can keep you up to date on their

September 26, 2005

Yo, yo!!! The first ever, Source Team update. That’s right ya’ll.

Anyhow, this section of the site is quickly improving and will be one of the
most updated sections on our website. This is where you can keep track of our skaters, find out who’s hot and who’s not in the Calgary skate scene, and generally, update yourself on current events with local Calgary skateboarders.

On Saturday, The Source Team had a demo down here, at our park. Almost everyone was in attendance for the skate session, and BBQ.
Dwight, Kyle, Luke, Lyle, Jeff, Brett, Sean, P-Ziddy, Devin minus his board, and Jonny B.

It was a fun time, although attendance was kinda poor, and everyone skated well. Look for more demos in the very near future.

Bryan Wherry, Source Team rider from Kitchener, Ontario, entered the Am Getting Paid contest in Montreal this weekend. From the looks of things, it was an amazing contest, with tons of talented skaters. Bryan qualified 31st out of 150 skaters, and we haven’t heard anything else on the Eastern front. I will definitely keep you posted. Calgary local Ryan Oughton qualified 58th overall.

So that’s it for today, unless we get an update from Bryan.


NEW TEAM RIDER – Sean MacCalister

Sean MacCalister was recently added to The Source Team roster. Sean has been filming for the new Stand Alone Media production 4DOWN which is soon to be dropping on the scene. Check out this promo on the Stand Alone Media website for more details.


On Friday September 30, 2005 some of The Source Team riders will be embarking on a pilgrimage to the Holy land. California!!!

They will spend 10 days total in and around the San Francisco and Bay area, before heading back to Calgary.

It should be one hell of a trip, and definitely memorable. Keep checking this site for details.


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