The Source Team has been busy!

Well yeah I guess it’s almost that time. Like it or not, the season’s been slowly drawing to a close for the past month, and our riders have been scrambling finishing up filming for their respective projects. Let’s see who’s been doing what:

Devun and Kale have been having a pretty buck-wild season out in BC. Currently finishing up their parts for Whiteout films yet to be named bangerfest, these boys are scraping for the final shots of the season. Check out their website to check pics and blogs to keep up to date. Make sure not to miss the new teasers too, coming in both strappin-heat-gangsta and ultra-sensitive-modern-man soundtrack flavours. Check the Whiteout Films website for more info:
Also not to be missed is the Wildcats sequel to Lil’ Bastards, appropriately coined “Still Bastards.” Check out the all night chugging mayhem, photos, teaser and general flippin mad shit details at

Since hitting Japan in the new year, TJ’s been on some crazy misadventures. While driving out to Alaska filming for Capita’s new movie “First Kiss,” TJ and crew gave up hope and ended up stopping in Terrace, BC instead… For you geography fans (fun, I know), getting from Calgary to Terrace is no small feat. From the sounds of things, the trip was a complete success despite the setbacks. TJ’s also been seen down at Superpark 11 in Keystone, CO. The general consensus was that Superpark heralded its signature wild style craziness. Check out the teaser for Capita’s First Kiss at

Little Jed is still so little, it’s crazy. I swear this kid has been 15 for like the past 5 years. Jed’s been off the hook this season; he seriously blows me away every time I see him ride. Killing it on all fronts, Jed’s brought home cash in almost every slopestyle he’s entered this year. He’s also been getting it done in front of the camera, working super hard with Defective Films filming for “Child Support.” Check out the teaser at

These two have been working together a lot this year and I’m not going to say they’re rail nerds, but they are quite smart when it comes to handrails. Basically everytime these boys bring a shot over to look at, you’re left looking super shocked and they just look at you and say “I just wanted to destroy something beautiful.” I think they’re going goth, but hey we’re friends and we support them anyways. Check out their make-up faces and trenchcoats in sandbox’s new release coming soon at

Okay I was kidding they’re not goth they’re G’d up from the fee’d up but that’s what makes it funny right?

Sudermann’s been riding strong and traveling lots this year with trips to Quebec, Golden and Superpark. Off to a super strong start filming with Kevin Sansalone’s new Sandbox release, Sudermann decided to try to stomp a 65 foot front 9 on a 70 foot mega-pop jump at Superpark and bruised both of his heels real badly. You can catch him walking around town making “oooh, eeeeh, ahhhhhh” noises with every step; quite disturbing really. Check out some quick shots of Mike in sandbox’s teaser at

Yeah I know, Nash is having a ridiculous break-out year. For anyone with their ear to the ground out here, they probably already know this kid is having a pretty Captain-Insano type season. Another rider filming with Sandbox, Nash has been on a tear this year, seemingly going after every rider’s job out here. Well that’s all I gotta say about that. Nash shreds and Graham films and occasionally gets his wicked shred on too. Graham’s signature style has left a wake of about 3.724 million Graham Foy wannabes ripping around the slopes and I don’t think Graham could be more stoked. Use your minions for good Graham, not evil. Graham’s bummed cause he broke the top of his arm last week, but he’s stoked cause you’re gunna go check out his production company, Childe Media, and watch his teaser for his new move The Infidels at

New team addition Mercedes Nicoll’s had a pretty banger run of late. She placed fifth at the US Open halfpipe, and then quickly flew back to Canada to completely school everyone at the Canadian National Halfpipe Championships. In a day and age where halfpipe riding seems so monotonous, Mercedes’ super laid back and smooth style is as relieving as a kitten rolling a ball of yarn in a spring meadow… and who doesn’t find that relieving? I do. I guess Flow does cause too they just turned her pro. Booyaka shot!

These girls are ripping and they’re better than you so it rules but it kinda sucks? Don’t believe me? They’re better than me and I’m WAY better than you.

Paul’s been battling a knee injury all year, but has just been paged by Doctor Love with clearance to get deadly. Wasting no time, Paul’s gotten out to whistler and is putting the boy-band lifestyle shots aside for some savage sled ripping backcountry craziness. You can see Paul’s Rocky-esque fight back up to glory in the new Sandbox release. Check out more info at

Burchill rides for Coor’s Light and that’s pretty much all I have to say about that. Not just settling for waking up in a puddle of his own filth every morning and partying all night, Stephen has gone the extra mile and has put some mean stuff together this year. Apart from taking home a thousand beans at the Bigwhite Slopestyle, Stephen’s also been filming with Apro films for their new production E.F.F.E.D and drinking enough Coor’s to kill a large barnyard animal. check out the teaser and more info at

Man, and you know the rest of the Source crew’s been rippin it up too:

Tyler Trafford is maybe one of the most exciting local riders to watch. Yes, that’s right I just said that. That just happened! I don’t really know another dude who can stroll through his local parks and throw down maybe the craziest shit you’ve seen in person first-try-no-warm-up-bitch! Although Tyler would never say that cause despite being quite the danger man, he’s still real modest. You should see him ride rails too, my goodness. Okay I’m jock riding. I’ll stop; let’s move on shall we?

Jared Anderson’s been taking some time outta his crazy schedule of snaking pretty much every major contest practice around to get out sledding in the Golden backcountry. I just hope he doesn’t start smelling like gasoline.

Sid Bryant is making sure that footlocker keeps completely sold out of tall tees in the greater Calgary area, and is likely the most gangsta crip to grace COP’s pipe this year.

Well that’s gunna just about do it. Thanks and we’ll have a summer update soon for you. A lot of these fine people will be coaching at your favorite neighborhood summer snowboard camp, so we’ll peep you posted who’s goin where.
Until then, keep your head up and your nose higher!
The Source.


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