The brainchild of snowboarding icon Travis Rice, Red Bull Supernatural is a first-of-its-kind backcountry competition designed to challenge the best all-around snowboarders on the planet. Under bright, bluebird skies, 18 of the world’s most notable up-and-comers alongside the icons of snowboarding progressed the sport to a new level, as Red Bull Supernatural ran on February 4 at Baldface Lodge, outside Nelson in British Columbia, Canada.

Travis Rice’s dream run for Red Bull Supernatural is built across 2,200 vertical feet (670m) on the slope nicknamed “Scary Cherry.” The run is now host to over 80 man-made features including pillow lines, enormous platforms and goal posts in the over-40-degree top section. Most riders had hit five or more features over varying size before heading into the super-kickers where fresh powder landings allowed riders to open up with speed and style.

Featuring David Carrier-Porcheron, Devun Walsh, Eero Niemela, Gigi Ruff, Jake Blauvelt, John Jackson, Kazu Kokubo, Lucas Debari, Mark Carter, Mark Landvik, Nicolas Müller, Eric Jackson, Scotty Lago, Terje Håkonsen, Travis Rice, Wolfgang Nyvelt, Sage Kotsenburg, and Source Team Rider Mark McMorris.

Watch the Entire Red Bull Supernatural Contest Here


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