Dragon and Anon make their debut at The Source Online!

Joining IS Design in the online store are two eyewear behemoths: Dragon and Anon Optics.

Unveiling their Spring/Summer 07 collections, there’s a lot new with these brands:

Dragon has added new styles such as the Dusk and GG to their already diverse line. The Dusk a clean frame built with mass appeal in mind- in short, if you don’t know what to get, just rock a pair of Dusks! The GG is a much more stylized sunglass, focused on the kids who rock and exude that through their personal style.

Anon has looked to their signature styling to pull out the stops when designing this summer’s line. With heavy hitters such as the stylized Rufus to the slightly more conservative Crusher, Anon’s got the spectrum covered with signature style.

Check them both out in the webstore and keep tuned for more product updates!


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