Rabid punk fans of the 70’s created fan ‘zines to connect and share the underground scene of aggro music that as invading the brains and souls of the youth.

Influenced by punk ‘zines, skaters created their own ‘zines in the 80’s and adapted the cut and paste, guerilla photocopier techniques to express their skate experience in ink and acetone. Skull Skates was smack in the middle of the burgeoning culture and in addition to collecting skate ‘zines, produced their own ‘zines “The Daily Grind”, “Planet Skul” and “Big Dump”. The Skull Soup graphic was created using a photocopier technique to manipulate images into swirling, interlocking and inverted patterns.

In their second collaborative effort C1RCA and Skull Skates are stoked to present the Skull Skates vs. C1RCA Shoe Version 2.0, featuring the infamous Skull Soup graphic applied to the C1RCA 8-Track shoe. Available in any colour you like, as long as it’s jet black with dead white graphics. Buy it now In Stores and Online at


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