Lib Tech fundaMENTALS are dedicated to the pillars of Mervin Mfg. They thoughtfully selected a few of their favorite boards to offer to shops that don’t mind the errant boob or might have the guys that come in looking for say, a wild tipped pow board or a board shaped like a banana – shops like The Source Snowboards and Skateboards. There are way more people than you think looking for fruit shaped boards these days. FundaMENTAL is LibTech’s way to thank you for your support over the years, they truly appreciate it. Look out for more fundaMENTAL projects coming your way soon. Some will be good, some will be questionable, and some will be just downright off-putting, but they will all be just for you.

LibTech 2014 fundaMENTALS Available Now at All Source Locations and Online at


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