May 11th, 2007

Some Denver locals displayed serious hospitality towards us today. The day started with a session at a huge big four with three (cute) girls chilling on a balcony near by started hollering at us. Minutes later they were at the spot with a cooler of beer, They didn’t even seem to mind that Luke was wearing nothing more than his hiked up undies (which he rocked all day)!! We got the boot from Denver’s finest after a few tricks and made our way to the next spot.

This amazing Denver ditches spot is where we spent the rest of the skate day, even after cops had came by. Instead of giving us tickets, they snapped some digital pics of some tricks and were on their way. Once the sun came down and the boards were stacked in the trunk, we celebrated. A few brews and a dance floor demo was a great end to a great day.


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