May, 10th, 2007

Today we woke up at around 7.30 am to help our host Caroline’s parents paint a basement and dig a trench in a house they’re developing for a couple of hours. As you might of guessed, 7.30 am didn’t really agree with our normal Denver biological clock so everyone was a little out of it. A couple of hours and pizzas later, the task was done. We rolled back to the cribs and packed up and headed out to look for some spots. We didn’t find much other than a mellow kicker to flat gap that Gifford got down for. We gave up on looking for things to skate and headed to 303 skateshop to get a map marked up with spots we’d checked out in their local video “Let the good times Roll”. If you can get your hands on a copy you should definitely check it out, It’s super sick.

Map in hand, we rolled to the first spot, a cobblestone bank to bank gap over some stairs. Sean, Mitch, Devin and Luke all got some good tricks, check out Kurbz’s benny photo above!!

We ended our day at this tall out ledge and gap, where both Keegs and Kurbz got some super sick footage and photos.

Tom’s diner for dinner and then off to bed…



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