Lib Tech Attack!!!!!!

The next step in the evolution of snowboarding has arrived.

The Lib Attack Banana features EC2 camber and art by Mike Parillo.

The Attack Banana features Steven Cobb’s EC2 elliptical camber banana combo. Why would you want this? Because it mindlessly rips all terrain and snow conditions in both directions from your centered freestyle stance. The elliptical camber creates a unique “pressure map” and performance characteristics that are halfway between the original Banana and the aggressive C2 Power Banana geometry that Travis Rice likes so much. This board is the perfect design compromise that will leave you anything but compromised when it comes to all terrain freestyle performance. Floats in powder, carves the hardpack, rips the ice, jibs like whatever will not let you down when things get gnarly. Tested around the world from Mt. Baker to Summit Central…the early release model is an instant quiver killing factory favorite.


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