Saturday December 1, 2007 – BANFF, AB.

Tonight downtown Banff paid witness to the now yearly spectacle that is the CP Rail Jam. With a huge 30+ foot high scaffolding drop-in ramp complete with a down box, down-flat-down box, a quarterpipe with wallride and $10,000 in prize cash, it’s easy to see the boys and girls at CP Rail meant business this year. After the field of 20 invited riders got cut in half, it was the final showdown and time for business. Source Rider Jed Anderson brought his A-game and ripped some ridiculous stuff that had everyone’s jaw dropping (various industry folk in the crowd were quoted as saying “holy, Jed was doing crap I’ve never seen before!”). Jed’s go-to move in the final was a 5050 to Backside 360 to 5-0 on the down-flat-down box, but it wasn’t enough to catch Dustin Craven who took home the lion’s share of the cash with his full-on destruction of the quarterpipe and wall-ride. Jed still went home happy $3000 richer!


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