All local skateboarders – including street skaters, bowl riders, longboarders, speedboarders, mountainboarders, inline-boarders and slalom-racers – are invited to showcase their environmentally friendly modes of transportation in a cruise along City Of Calgary park paths.

Skateboarders involved in the event will meet at Millennium Park at noon on Saturday April 28. Skaters will then head out along the park paths from Millennium Skatepark, crossing over to the North side of the Bow River pathway at 14th Street NW, and traveling West to Edworthy Park where the group will break for water (provided by SLACalgary). The group will then continue back (via the pathway on the South side of the Bow River) to Millennium Skatepark where participants will have the chance to win prizes from local board shops and skate companies.

All forms of skateboarding are allowed on City of Calgary park paths and are an excellent green alternative to motorized transportation.

Date: April 28TH 2007
Location: loop from Millennium park along river pathway to Bowness park
Time: Noon meeting at Millennium skate park

The Speedboard and Longboard Association of Calgary – a not for profit society – promotes safety and competition in all skateboard and gravity sports. The association was formed by a group of professional speedboarders two-years ago after the death of a local longboarder in order to educate inexperienced riders on safe practices. Since then, the SLACalgary has put on many events in the community including the Paskapoo Downhill Rodeo which is held annually at Coda’s Canada Olympic Park in August—an event that last year attracted thousands spectators and 90 competitors from across the world.



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