DC’s Cross Canada Tour!

The DC Canadian Skate Team is hitting the road for 37 days to document a road trip that spans from Halifax, NS to Vancouver, BC. The cross country journey will unite the country coast to coast making stops in different communities along the way. Each stop will tap into the unique skateboard community and map the experience, people and places in a tour diary.

The discovery and exploration of Canada was accomplished by many people and many nations, over thousands of years. Their accounts convey both respect and fear of the natural environment. The daring journeys were filled with casualties from the cold, hunger and battle. As the DC Canadian Team embarks on their first cross country expedition, the stories of our countries first explorers humble the noble adventurers. Follow Paul Trep, Ryan Oughton, Arron Johnson, Chad Dickson, Sascha Daley, Swell, Sean Hayes and guests as they further uncover the great Canadian skate spots.

They will be in Calgary on July 2, 2006…

Check out www.dcshoescanada.com for up to date information, message board and live tour diary. Full video diary will be available Fall 2006 and distributed to finer skate shops and SBC subscribers.


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