Holiday Gift Guide 5 days left!
Goggles can be great gifts or stocking stuffers for anyone who rides. We carry tons of brands with a pretty crazy price range from
$138.99-$599.99 for adult frames. Find a goggle you love but can’t be sold on the lens? Lots of our goggles come with a free
extra lens that compliments the one already in the frame. If they come with an Orange non mirrored lens the free one will be mirrored
high light lens. We also have extra lenses for some of our more popular models so you can mix and match. Goggles for the gift and extra
lenses for stocking stuffers sounds pretty rad to me! Happy Shopping!




5 Days of Shopping Left!
I can’t stress snowboard setups enough as the perfect gift for your loved one.
Here we have featured a board with the best graphic known to man ūüėČ and the perfect kit to go with it.




Holiday Gift Guide 7 Days of shopping left!
No matter it they’re your friend, sibling, or partner jewelry is an easy love for many humans
out there. (and some cats) We carry three brands of Canadian handmade jewelry that will guaranteed
put a smile on their face. Above pictures are two of our three brands Uranium, and Sasha Eillenna.
The third brand Elizabeth Lyn was received in stores two days ago (keep posted for photos later)

Sasha Eillenna is all handmade by a snowboarder babe in Whistler B.C. She started up in 2001
and has been making beautifully detailed pieces like all the gold pictured above.

Uranium is a skate and snow driven brand from Montreal that started in 1998. The amazing team of girls
create both male and female jewelry lines as well as clothing! (in stores next week)

Elizabeth Lyn is a one woman operation that kicks some serious butt! For two years she has made a unique
jewelry line with something for every type of girl.

After the holidays I’m going to do a mini bio on each of our jewelry brands so stay tuned!


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Holiday Gift Guide: 8 Days Left!
This right here is the whole kit and caboodle for this holiday season. In this photo is everything you need
for this snowboard season from socks to helmets. I tried do do an array of brands here but we carry so
much more in our stores!

The GNU Smart Pickle is a fantastic board for any all mountain rider who loves
the care free feel of magne-traction with the mellow asymetric feel of pickle tech all on one fun loving,
colourful board. $529.95

With impact absorbing footbeds the Roxy Rock It Binding adds some metallic flare to your ride without
sacrificing comfort. $249.95

Speedzone lacing, heat moldable boots, and airbag cushioning are just a few of the fantastic features
that the Burton Emerald Boots can offer you and your feet. $259.99

We carry socks from many different companies; each one with materials that make their socks unique.
The Volcom Ladies Soul Tech Sock contains 2% rubber to give you that extra bounce and comfort in
your step. $17,99

A midweight capri that can be worn anywhere from the pre ride yoga session to the first pow day of the
year, and the expedition weight top layer for those who like it hot. Capri- $69.99 Top- $84.99

Gore-Tex mitts keep your hands drier for longer. The Burton Gore-Tex Under-mitt comes with fleece
liners to keep your hands warmer as well! In stores only- $89.99

Nobody likes it when their goggles keep falling down. The Spy Bias goggle has a silicone ribbed strap
so you never have to worry about it again, and is catered to smaller faces. $139.99

Everyone knows that helmets are 99% better than concussions. Now with audio compatible helmets
like the Anon Helo wearing a helmet on the hill is a no brainer!

Protecting your face from the snow and wind is a great way to prolong your day. With scarves things
can get moist and frozen but with Airholes like the Pullover in Cheetah your face is warm and breathable
AND you can smoke through them!








Alright humans, if you haven’t done it already, it’s time to get serious¬†about your holiday shopping list.
There are 8 days until Christmas Eve which gives you some serious crunch time to finish up those
last minute gifts and stocking stuffers. As a professional procrastinator¬†I’m here to help you get some
final ideas for the ones lucky enough¬†to be graced by your presents. ūüėČ Over the next 8 days I’m going to
post a couple pictures per day, so keep scoping the blog! If you¬†need any help with your gift ideas we’re
here for you! Feel free to contact us either by our website chat or e-mail, any of our 5 locations, or my
personal e-mail:




Holiday Gift Guide 8: Wheels!
A great gift or stocking stuffer for the skateboard p
in your life. Tons of styles ad sizes to choose from
including our Source blanks, Bones Swiss, if you
enjoy gardening the Girl wheels and so many more!

Starting at $30 at any Sourceboards location!



Holiday Gift Guide 7: Balaclavas!
Love weed, and having a warm face? HUF is here
for you. Huf balaclavas available in three colours;
pink, black, and green. Now in stores just $44.99.



Holiday Gift Guide 5: RDS RDS RDS!!!
Have someone if your life who loves, lives, and FSU?
The perfect gift for them is around the corner at your
local Source Snowboards location!
Pillow Fight- $38.99
OG Coffee Mug- $5.99
Ice Cube Tray- $14.99
OG Flask- $18.99



Holiday Gift Guide 4: Wax, Locks, and Scrapers!
An essential for any boarder this holiday season.
Great for stocking stuffers or to package together
for those humans lucky enough to be blessed with
your presents
Wax- $11.99 Lock- $17.99 Scraper- $13.99