Summer 2016 Skatepark Opening Hype

The Source skate team has been lighting summer 2016 on fire! With recent demos in Calgary at the Southwood skatepark grand opening and at the new skatepark in Vulcan, the squad is making the most of the great weather.

Last month the crew cruised to Vulcan, Alberta to help christen the town’s new skatepark. In attendance were: Tom Nelner, Sean Heather, Tom Mok, Dan Kneeshaw, Dylan Dillz, Branden Wren, Brett Krasman, and Caleb Banman.

A few hundred locals watched the team lay a beating on the park Dillz was up to his crazy tech stuff and Tom N was ultra-consistent. Dan cruised around with authority landing long grinds and burly noseblunts. The Vulcan folks were stoked on the demo and, of course, the product toss. We hope to go back for another demo there—the park is great!

We were invited by the Southwood Community Association to skate a demo at the grand opening of their new park. The park is so good! Everyone killed it, of course—Riley Boland did the “official” ribbon cutting. Check the footage below.


riley ribbon cutting southwood

tom nelner kickflip vulcan





Dragon and Spy sunglasses for Spring 2015

Spy Sunglasses

The Spy 2015 spring collection has now arrived at The Source. This spring the Spy lineup features Happy Lens – the lens with benefits. The Spy Happy Lens is the only lens of it’s kind available anywhere in the world. With a patent-pending on its therapeutic qualities, the Happy Lens was designed to maximize the transmission of the sun’s good rays while still blocking out it’s bad rays so you can enjoy nature’s awe-inspiring beauty in ways you’ve never seen or felt before. See better. Feel better.

On top of all the happy stuff, the Happy Lens has color and contrast enhancing features that will leave you happy from the moment you put them on. View the selection of 2015 Spring Spy Sunglasses at

Dragon Sunglasses

Dragon has seamlessly blended fashion with function to create the H20 Floatable Collection—its first ever line of floating sunglasses. The H20 Floatable Collection was made for men and women who enjoy an active lifestyle in and around the water. View the selection of 2015 Spring Dragon Sunglasses at


Nike SB Free

The freedom and flexibility of the innovative Nike Free sole unlocks natural motion in skateboarding. For the first time, the freedom and flexibility of the innovative Nike Free sole meets Nike SB. The new Nike SB Free unlocks the foot and allows it to flex and move  naturally. By adapting Nike Free for the demands of skate, the Nike SB Free gives skaters the potential to expand their performance and imagination on the board.

Made to move in sync with every small action of the foot while skating, the Nike SB Free facilitates true natural motion across the range of athletic demands of the sport. Nike designers distilled the brand’s vast body of research and experience gained from using Nike Free technology in other sports to create a performance solution to meet the distinctive needs of skaters.

Wearing the Nike SB Free gives skaters the feeling that their feet are free and can spread with less constriction, which enables better board feel, grip and balance. The Nike SB Free also gives skaters an extremely flexible and uniquely close feeling of connection to their board. This ultimately delivers more control, more freedom and faster progression.

Nike designers constructed the Nike SB Free to make it fit the foot like a supportive glove. They also carefully considered the build and materials of the shoe to keep out anything not fundamentally necessary or critical to athletes’ performance.

The durable suede upper above the reinforced SB Free outsole includes zoned ventilation for breathability and all-day comfort. Click Here to Get a pair of Nike SB Free at