Woke up Kurbz with a kick to the foot, he was bummin’. drove for pretty much twelve hours to the best spot i’ve ever seen, got there, tornado and rain came down. After that some security guard booted us. Next spot, we roll couple blocks away to this long mellow rail (sheldon feeble in zero ad) started raining again. Nutty decided to get nutty and try and fifty it in the rain, but it was a little to gnarly and the same security guard gave us the boot again. Than we spent the rest of the day at westminister high school, it had a prime out rail nutty and keegs got down (peep nuttys photo) good bank to drop at the school aswell. Mcgal shot his ninety eighth sequence of the trip, and me kurbz had a little fun on it. Now were ending the second last day with some brews and thicky fresh classics. Kurbz is takin’ foos money in poker.


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